Boost your knowledge with immersive clinical simulation and cross the limits of conventional teaching and learning.
REalistic Training

Believable first-person experience

Dramatic lifesaving missions within the authentic mixed reality environment encouraging trainees to make an all-out effort to rescue the virtual patients. Along the way, trainees learn appropriate clinical protocols for when their skill will matter in an actual life and death situation.

Awake clinical scenarios offer adequate and exhaustive clinical environment, 3D patients animated by the real actors and various difficulty levels to address different knowledge expectations.

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Standardised equipment, exhaustive clinical toolset and animated patients.

Credible Scenarios

Tailor made storylines, verified medical algorithms and dynamic symptoms development.

Futuristic Learning

Believable lifesaving missions, fail-safe clinical context and accurate track record of competence.

Effective Training

Holistic cooperative framework, supportive knowledge testing tools and standardised scoring system.

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